NEXT EVENT:  Ideas Mixer no.3

Join us for our public event highlighting LA startups. Each company is featured in a short video profile which is shared ahead of the event, changing the game for how networking is conducted.
Also featured at the live event are products and designs by local makers, adding to the experience.

Thursday Evenings / 6:30 – 9 PM

Date: TBD

Host: Envoy – Car Sharing

event details here


Value of Synergy

Ideas come from drawing new connections. Translating these fresh concepts into actual products further requires a diversity of perspectives.

Professional Peers

Growth in dynamic fields require a mashup of skills and experience. Our aim is to organize qualified new connections to enable successful collaboration.

Maximize Limited Time

New methods of thinking and working must be met with new formats for connecting and conferencing. Ours is a focused experience for busy professionals.

About Currency

The rise of the knowledge economy has sparked an unprecedented shift of responsibility 
from the corporation to the individual. In order to make the most of our careers, we must 
invest in ourselves. Currency is your resource to further that investment: a combination of 
live programming and curated connections offered through a private social network.

LA is a place people come to achieve creative pursuits. Currency is an intentional community for people on a similar path. Our goal is to be a resource to help you explore, connect and develop your future here in Los Angeles.

Currency [human capital exchange]

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Our periodic live events are free and open to all. Join our email list to receive word of upcoming programs and partner events too.

Currency Network Membership

The simple insight that relationships are what drive professional success underpins this project. The aspiration for Currency is to generate a trusted and local, focused and functional new interpretation of the social network technology. Our intention is to build a lightweight, iOS exclusive suite of independent apps and curated services for our membership, focused on the creative economy of Los Angeles.

Currency Membership

Our goal is to actively design community for the professional side of life. We combine online
tools with curated offline programming to bring together a community around shared goals and

Currency supports individuals who aspire to own their working time. This can take the form of
intellectual property (IP), building a brand or founding an organization. The majority of our
members are entrepreneurs, artists or authors in some way, shape or form.

Currency membership is open to anyone who completes the on boarding process and whom we
believe is a match for the network.

― there are no fees to be a member of Currency
― membership is offered at-will and can be revoked
― data collected is used to provide a general profiles of membership for sponsors
― we do not share your personal information outside of the platform
― when you cancel your membership your data will be erased

   I agree to privacy and membership terms, as detailed above



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